Customize Your Wedding Drinks

Catering adult beverages

When planning your wedding or any other special event, it’s always fun to find ways to customize as many details as possible! At Piguet’s Catering, we can customize your menu, and thanks to our new partnership with the mobile bar company Prime Time Stocktails, your wedding or special event can have its own custom cocktails!…

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Why a catering contract is important

Signing a Catering Contract

Why a catering contract is important When you’re planning an event, no matter if it’s a small family wedding or a big industry conference, having all the details organized and in writing is important. This is why I always encourage clients to start planning as early as possible and why we always work from a…

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Planning Your Event Menu

Catering Dishes

Whether you’re planning a 200-person plated dinner for your wedding or a 50-person meeting with a buffet lunch, you will need to plan your menu. We love meeting with brides, wedding planners, event planners, etc. to plan their special occasions and wanted to give a few ideas to help as you start thinking about what…

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New bar option available for catering

PrimeTime Stocktails mobile bar

New bar option available for catering   Piguet’s Catering has an amazing new option to offer our clients and we have been excited to share it with you! We talked with both our founder, Carolyn Piguet, and our new partner, Sarah Horton of Prime Time Stocktails, about our new beer barn/custom bartender services and they…

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Get the most out of your catering budget

Wedding Party Catering

Get the most out of your catering budget   We work with many brides and other people needing excellent but affordable catering options for their guests. The need to get the most out of your budget is certainly understandable! We love working with clients to find delicious but budget-friendly options to make their special day…

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How to Choose a Catering Company

Table spread Choosing a Catering company

Finding a catering company is a big part of the event-planning process. We wrote about how to find a catering company several years ago but wanted to update that discussion to include the many questions we have been hearing from clients that will help you navigate deciding on which catering service to hire. These are true…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions solved by hiring a caterer

food prep for catering

 As a community, we are moving into a new year with a new sense of determination to make purposeful decisions in situations where we have control and learning to adapt in situations where we don’t have control. At Piguet’s Catering, we want to share some ideas on how we can help make some of those…

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A festive tablescape can make all the difference this holiday season

Holiday Tablescape

We’re all having smaller, more toned-down holiday gatherings this year but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as special!  We asked Carolyn Piguet, to share her wisdom on this topic. Whether you’re having a small gathering of friends, an office party, or a family dinner, it is a celebration so I encourage you…

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Ring in a New Year…Please! Catering ideas for all ages

Mexican Food Spread

With the turning of the calendar to 2021, everyone is looking to celebrate new beginnings or at least put 2020 to rest. Even with social distancing requiring small gatherings this year, you can still have some fun with food that still allows people to keep their distance while enjoying each other’s company!    Here are…

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Make your holiday event shine with these menu ideas


The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and we know many families, companies, and organizations are still wanting to have a festive gathering even while respecting social distancing.  No social or corporate event is complete without good food! The holidays are one of our favorite times to do catering because the food is festive and often…

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