How hiring professional catering improves your fundraiser

fundraiser planner using a caterer

Whether you’re a 501c(3) nonprofit raising money for a special project or a local club raising funds for a trip, hosting a successful fundraiser is vital to your ability to meet your goals. Here at Piguet’s Catering, we love working with various nonprofits, clubs, civic organizations, and other community groups to offer a fantastic assortment…

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Catering Trends for 2024

Themed Catering Trend for 2024

Whether you’re choosing a caterer for your upcoming wedding, fundraiser, family reunion, or business meeting, the food and beverages are a big part of the experience. Perhaps you saw a fun idea in a magazine or heard your friends raving about a fun new food trend they’ve seen, and you want to experience the same…

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How to find the best event venue

Venu photo of table settings

As a catering company, our job is to ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable food experience, from the appetizers to the desserts. Our service and recipes are known for being some of the best in the region, and we are honored to work with some of the best venues and other event vendors…

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Start planning now for 2024 events

wedding bride and groom

We know the holiday season is rapidly approaching, but 2024 will be here before you know it. Whether you’re planning a wedding, business conference, family reunion, a small office party or even a group excursion down Route 66 or on your way to Arkansas to see the 2024 eclipse, you need to start planning your…

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Starting Planning Holiday Parties Now

Fall party table for catering

Given the fact that we’ve had near record-breaking heat in Northeast Oklahoma lately, it may seem strange that we are writing about holiday parties, but it’s time to start planning your special events for the upcoming holiday season. Our calendar for the holiday season, both for catering on location or serving groups at the restaurant,…

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Steak Under the Stars Rendezvous on the Ranch

Steak Under the Stars Ranch in Claremore 2023

Piguet’s Prime Time and A-Bar Ranch have partnered up to bring a premier satellite “Steak Under the Stars” event. Our signature event, “Steak Under the Stars”, is going to the ranch 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, June 24. A majestic working cattle and horse ranch, A-Bar Ranch near Claremore, Oklahoma, will be the site…

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Steak Under the Stars returns in May

Steak Under the Stars

To say we are excited about this news would be an understatement. Our signature event, Steak Under the Stars, is returning in May with two back-to-back, amazing events 6:30 p.m., on May 5 and May 6. Both will be on our Piguet’s Prime Time property. Tickets for both can be purchased on Open Table. The…

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Recently engaged? 4 Wedding trends to consider

Did you get engaged for Valentine’s Day or perhaps some other magical time recently? Congratulations! We love working with couples planning their special day.    In January, we participated in the annual Tulsa Wedding Show and as always when we work with our clients, we notice changing trends in weddings. We thought we’d share some…

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Need a worry-free wedding? Choose Piguet’s Prime Time

Bride at her wedding looking out on a porch

Congratulations! Whether your engagement was a Christmas surprise or something you’ve been looking forward to for a while, we are excited for you and your significant other to take this next step in your relationship.  Anyone who has been married will tell you that marriage is hard work. But at Piguet’s Catering, we don’t think…

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Tent rental coming to Piguet’s Catering

One of our tents available to rent

The advantages of catering with Piguet’s Catering keep getting better! For those who remember my husband, he had an event tent renting company for 35 years. My family is picking that back up and has already been delighted to help make at least one wedding even more memorable by providing their tents. To say that…

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