Recently engaged? 4 Wedding trends to consider

Did you get engaged for Valentine’s Day or perhaps some other magical time recently? Congratulations! We love working with couples planning their special day. 


In January, we participated in the annual Tulsa Wedding Show and as always when we work with our clients, we notice changing trends in weddings. We thought we’d share some of the trends we are seeing brides choose lately.


More individuality 

Every bride wants to be an individual but the way that translates into the wedding is more customized than ever before. Brides are making choices that not only express their individuality but don’t necessarily go along with time-honored traditions that don’t necessarily have special meaning to them. 


Bride selecting from the catering dinner optionsWhat this means for us as caterers is we are seeing a lot of brides coming to us with their own family recipes that honors a loved one or is something that has personal significance. People want their wedding food to be memorable and less “trendy” or “picture perfect.” We have always specialized in offering customized menus for each wedding, but those menus are even more individualized and include dishes for special dietary needs more than ever before. 


Less Formal 

Weddings can be beautiful no matter how formal or informal they are! Brides are wanting their wedding party and guests to feel relaxed and enjoy the wedding as a celebration and less of a straight-laced extravagant affair. This shows up in how people dress, the decorations, and even the menus. 


Full-service options 

We used to work with a lot of brides directly who wanted to have a direct hand in every detail of their wedding. Lately, however, we are working more with venue organizers and wedding organizers. We will have an initial meeting with the bride to discuss menus, etc., then every other detail is with the organizer. Brides really want to relax and enjoy the entire engagement and wedding process, not be stressed about all the details! 


Destination Weddings/Receptions

With travel reopening all over the world post-Covid, we are seeing more brides choose a destination wedding. This not only makes the wedding more intimate, it also puts the couple closer to their honeymoon destination! These brides who choose destination weddings often hire us to cater their post-wedding receptions they host after returning from the honeymoon. This allows them to celebrate with their broader circle but still have an intimate and often exotic wedding. We also hold weddings at the Piguet’s Prime Time location


What kind of wedding do you want to have? Do you want something simple in the backyard with some great BBQ and appetizers? Or, are you wanting the traditional formal church wedding? No matter your needs, we would love to work with you!