Catering Trends for 2024

Themed Catering Trend for 2024

Whether you’re choosing a caterer for your upcoming wedding, fundraiser, family reunion, or business meeting, the food and beverages are a big part of the experience. Perhaps you saw a fun idea in a magazine or heard your friends raving about a fun new food trend they’ve seen, and you want to experience the same at your event!

Over the years, we’ve seen some fun and exciting catering trends either through industry research or what our clients have started asking us to do. We thought we’d compile a short list of catering trends in 2024 that we suggest you consider for your catering this year and beyond!

Interestingly, many of the “current” trends are how we’ve been doing business in northeast Oklahoma for years! Which of these trends looks the most interesting to you?


Part of catering responsibly also happens to also bring some of the best flavor! As consumers are becoming more supply chain aware, they are wanting fresher food that is grown near where they are eating. As a long-time farm-to-fork company, we’ve always sourced as many locally grown produce, meat, and baked goods as possible. This not only supports the local economy, it means a smaller carbon footprint because the food isn’t being grown then transported a long way for processing and sale.

Local wineries and breweries

Because grapes can only grow in certain environments, you won’t see local wineries available with every catering company. What you should look for is where they get their wine selection from. We love working with Zialena winery in California, which is a family-owned winery that has the same commitment to quality and local produce as we do. We also love working with as many local breweries as possible for our bar!

Open fire cooking

This is not just for hibachi anymore and customers love it! If you’re having a more intimate group or perhaps a station at your event, it is a lot of fun to watch AND the food cooked on the open fire is delectable!

Cooking & meal prep as entertainment

More than just the open fire cooking and grilling, people love learning to cook and taking classes on how to make specialty items. We are big about education around here and about having fun! We try to offer classes throughout the year that teach something fun and yummy!

Mocktail non-alcoholic options

We have an amazing bar that will make your event a custom cocktail, but we not everyone wants to have alcohol. Mocktails a delicious replacements for mixed drinks! Your guests can have the pretty drinks without the intoxicating ingredients.

Cultural culinary experiences

Every family has their own recipes that they love from a family member or their culture. At Piguet’s Prime Time, we are happy to work with you to bring those treasured recipes into your event plans! We love the idea of having a wedding where the reception includes food that celebrates the cultures of both the bride and groom.

Fusion Food

Just like people enjoy cultural experiences with their food, it’s a lot of fun to come up with recipes that “marry” two different cultures. Think southwest eggrolls, taco pizza,fusion chili, and many new ideas that blend the best of different worlds together!

Themed Catering

We love doing themed catering events! We can match everything from the decor to custom cocktails to the menu to bring out the best of your event’s theme.

Desert Tables

Instead of assigning each person a dessert at their place or even having everyone with the same dessert, more catering customers want their guests to have sweet options! We can set up a dessert table with a smaller size portions of a wider variety of desserts so people can choose one or more of what they want!

What catering trend is your favorite? What more should we try?