Catering for private parties is an exciting and fun opportunity for Piguet's Catering team. Piguet's Catering catering is proud of its ability to personalize any type of event and give it that original flare. Private parties are the pinnacles of this effort. Theme parties, showers, anniversaries, birthday parties are just a few of the smaller scale opportunities executed. Taking the time to provide the little extras such as signature vegetable or fruit trays or skewers are just one way to focus on the current trends, as well as great flavors.

Vinita FFA catering team is very open to building a menu based on a family recipe or favorite choice. Using homegrown meats and produce from the chapter garden gives the food that has homemade character. Piguet's Catering team is proud and confident that the food they are serving is wholesome and of utmost nutrition.

Private parties reflect on the host’s food choices and presentation. Piguet's Catering team is very open to decorating with the party theme in mind. Professionalism is the first priority and that “Wow” factor is the next factor addressed for Vinita FFA catering presentations. Guests enjoy food visually first, and then they taste to seal the deal. Piguet's Catering team knows how to present food that will make the guests very impressed and make the party one everyone will be talking about.

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