How to find the best event venue

Venu photo of table settings

As a catering company, our job is to ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable food experience, from the appetizers to the desserts. Our service and recipes are known for being some of the best in the region, and we are honored to work with some of the best venues and other event vendors in the industry.

Each event venue in Northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area has unique attributes that customers love. Did you know that we have an event venue of our own? Our restaurant, Piguet’s Prime Time, just outside of Vinita, is where we do all our food prep for our catering events. It’s also where we serve several hundred people every weekend and even more through special events.

As you plan your upcoming events, what should you learn from the venue to decide if it’s a good fit? Here’s what we recommend (and our own answers).

Does it have the right atmosphere?
Each event is unique and needs a specific atmosphere. Are you looking for something romantic? Intimate? Business-like? Visit the venue to determine if the available space is what you need for your event or if a decoration change can easily transform it.

At Piguet’s Prime Time, we have both indoor and outdoor space. We have tents for the outdoor space, and the indoor spaces are already decorated simply with homestyle items. If you need something different, it’s easy to transform our space!

How many people can it hold?
Some venues have a variety of options for rental space. Some work better for business meetings or intimate family reunions, other options include space for much larger gatherings, like a wedding.

At Piguet’s Prime Time, we have seating inside for up to roughly 100 people, with more space available in outdoor tents. If you want a more intimate setting, we can make that work, too!

Beautifully presented food spread at eventWhat are my options for food?
Some event venues have their preferred catering companies. Some venues will let you order through them, but most will ask that you manage the relationship with your caterer as a separate contract.

At Piguet’s Prime Time, your space rental and catering orders are all handled in one place! We offer customized menus for any occasion and can even do some of your favorite recipes if you have a family favorite that fits the event.

alcohol beveragesCan I have alcohol?
Some venues allow alcohol to be brought in, others do not. If this is something you want at your event, you need to be clear on what is offered (and what isn’t), and the laws around the alcohol.

At Piguet’s Prime Time, we have several options, including full bar, cash bar, custom drinks, and more. Again, it’s all in one place and we handle all the required licenses and bartending!

What amenities do I need to provide?
What does your event need to make it a success? Do you need to rent chairs or tables? What about decorations or AV equipment? Find out what will be needed and if your event venue provides it. If they don’t, can they provide contact information for vendors that do?

Decorated Event at Piguets Prime TimeAt Piguet’s Prime Time, we have tables, chairs, some decorations, and a few other event amenities you might need. What we don’t have on hand, we know where to find it! We can do it if you need AV for your business meeting or tents for your silent auction!

We love working with each of our catering clients and would love to host your event at our restaurant. Call us to make arrangements, and we’ll work on all the details with you!