Start planning now for 2024 events

wedding bride and groom

We know the holiday season is rapidly approaching, but 2024 will be here before you know it. Whether you’re planning a wedding, business conference, family reunion, a small office party or even a group excursion down Route 66 or on your way to Arkansas to see the 2024 eclipse, you need to start planning your 2024 events now.

At our restaurant, Piguet’s Prime Time, we love hosting people for all the above events. We are open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays, so those might be the toughest days to get a group outing scheduled. In the evenings, at least.

That said, we offer catering for outdoor events on our property and anywhere in the Northeast Oklahoma area. We also offer our restaurant for scheduled private events throughout the week! When you schedule your event for our restaurant and surrounding grounds, you are getting your event venue and amazing catering all in one.

Here are four reasons we think you should start booking your 2024 events now.

Better choice of dates

We are already getting reservations for 2024 and we can tell we will be busy! If you want specific dates or even a general time of year, you need to get your name on our books and as many details determined as possible. We know you may not know all the details of your event yet, but choosing your venue is the first and biggest step in any event planning process.

Can start planning vendors

Whether you’re planning and event at our restaurant or having us cater to another location, you need to schedule with all the vendors for your event as soon as possible. We can assure you that their calendars are also becoming full. This includes flowers, event amenities like tables and chairs, and any other services you will need to make your event successful.

Guests can start planning

Inviting guests is often one of the final aspects of event planning, but for some events, it would be good to at least start giving out “save the date” cards. Or, if it’s a business-related event, companies will need to budget any related costs so they can participate. That budgeting is happening now through the end of 2023 for the new year.

Time to make adjustments

Doing anything last minute can cost you time and money. The more time you allow yourself to plan the event, the more so-called wiggle room you’re giving yourself to make adjustments to the many details involved.

What events are you planning for 2024? We would love to host you and your guests and promise it will be an amazing experience!
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