Starting Planning Holiday Parties Now

Fall party table for catering

Given the fact that we’ve had near record-breaking heat in Northeast Oklahoma lately, it may seem strange that we are writing about holiday parties, but it’s time to start planning your special events for the upcoming holiday season.

Our calendar for the holiday season, both for catering on location or serving groups at the restaurant, is nearly full. Whether you’re planning a holiday office party, a special occasion for your family gathering, or simply wanting to treat a group of friends or family to our food, you need to make those reservations sooner rather than later.

If you were with us during our restaurant’s first holiday season, you might remember that is when we introduced our first-generation three-way cross beef. That beef has been wildly popular ever since we introduced it, and we are thrilled to offer it in a variety of cuts for another holiday season.

Here are a few reminders about scheduling our restaurant or on-site catering services:

  • For groups of only about 15 or so at the restaurant, we encourage you to use our online reservation system at OpenTable. For larger groups, contact us as soon as possible and we will start working on a contract.
  • Our entire menu is an option for your catering needs, but we will need to know in advance what your plans will be. It might be easier for your group to pick a small assortment of dishes that guests can choose from instead of waiting for everyone to order individually at the restaurant.
  • We are usually only open on Fridays and Saturdays, but that also means the restaurant can be available for a holiday party rental during the week. We suggest taking advantage of that opportunity!
  • We love making custom menus and custom cocktails for your special event. We feature seasonal and locally grown food as much as possible and that makes it extra special for you and your guests!
  • We have tent rental available, as well as the ability to help you rent tables and chairs for your event.

What are your holiday plans? Give us a call today to start arranging your holiday festivities with us!