Tent rental coming to Piguet’s Catering

One of our tents available to rent

The advantages of catering with Piguet’s Catering keep getting better!

For those who remember my husband, he had an event tent renting company for 35 years. My family is picking that back up and has already been delighted to help make at least one wedding even more memorable by providing their tents.

To say that people are starting to get back out after about two years of dealing with COVID is an understatement. We’ve had many calls for catering through Piguet’s Catering and special meetings at our restaurant, Piguet’s Prime Time. We like to make things easier and more memorable for each of our guests, so reviving the business just makes sense.

The event tents allow for expanded options at our restaurant, allowing guests to use both our restaurant and then expand into a tent, or to have the meal for their event in our restaurant and, say, host the dancing in a tent. The ideas and possibilities are probably not endless, but pretty close! We are located on a relatively open, 20-acre field with plenty of room for several tents or a combination of fully outdoor and covered space for your special event, be it a wedding or fundraiser. There’s even a pond for a more beautiful setting.

Are you already hosting an event at another site? Not a problem! We can transport our tents and whatever other items you need, such as chairs, to your location and set it all up. We also have access to vendors for sound and other event amenities you might need. Or, we can coordinate with your vendor if you’re already established with a company.

While we aren’t officially event planners, we have tons of experience with them! We can guide you through the process and help you find the perfect customized catering selections and decide the locations for the tents and the overall event landscape. For example, would you like to stay your vows with your guests viewing the sunset behind you? We can help with that!

Our family is so excited to revive this business and have it be such a natural fit with our restaurant and catering business. It is just another way that we are able to say thank you to our amazing customers and make your event amazing.

Give us a call to discuss our event needs!