Need a worry-free wedding? Choose Piguet’s Prime Time

Bride at her wedding looking out on a porch

Congratulations! Whether your engagement was a Christmas surprise or something you’ve been looking forward to for a while, we are excited for you and your significant other to take this next step in your relationship. 

Anyone who has been married will tell you that marriage is hard work. But at Piguet’s Catering, we don’t think your wedding ceremony should have to be. Our new restaurant, Piguet’s Prime Time, is the perfect place to host your dream wedding, and we can manage or offer experienced advice on all the logistics. 

When you work with us for your wedding, you can get the complete package, from the venue to the food and all the other amenities you might want. If we don’t already offer a service or have a product you want, we can help you find out where to get it, or we can order it for you. We will discuss what you need when you visit our facility to see if it’s a good fit for you. It will be important to get the details in the contract so there are no surprises or big questions along the way. 

What we think you will find is that not only do we save you time, we give you time. By hosting your wedding on Prime Time’s grounds, you will be able to get the whole package all in one place. You won’t have to worry about piecing together a wedding and coordinating a dozen vendors on your own. 


Our restaurant is a popular place to host parties and business meetings, but it can also be easily transformed into a wedding venue where you would have the entire facility and the grounds to yourselves and your guests. Unlike most venues, we won’t rush you. All of our guests, whether they are here for a wedding or just a dinner, can expect a delightful, relaxed atmosphere. The experience is just that; you won’t be rushed to get in, set up, have the wedding, and tear down. We’re hearing more about how that is a common experience at other wedding venues and we will never treat you and your wonderful day that way. 


Wedding catering Want an outdoor wedding but worried about the weather? Through our tent company, we can provide tents of many different sizes for your ceremony and reception. This is also a fantastic way to expand your footprint on the property; in other words, give you even more space. While the restaurant and patio area are spacious, you can have even more guests if you have an outside tent for them to visit. 


Our catering services is likely how you found our site in the first place! We’ve catered pretty much every kind and size of event you could imagine and love weddings! You can choose everything from simple appetizers to a fully plated meal. We customize your menu to fit your tastes and can easily accommodate dietary restrictions. 

Cash bar

One of the potentially most fun aspects of having your wedding at Piguet’s Prime Time is the ability to customize a wedding drink just for your event. We can have a cash bar outside or we have a bar inside. 

Other amenities and wedding services

Need to rent tables, chairs, and other items for your wedding? We can help with that, too! What we don’t already have, we know where to get it. We can also recommend florists, photographers, and other service providers you will need. 

Excited about your big day? Let us take the stress off by providing the best wedding venue in Northeast Oklahoma. We are located just two miles from Route 66 so we will be easy for your guests to find and easy for you and your new spouse to escape on your honeymoon!