Customize Your Wedding Drinks

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When planning your wedding or any other special event, it’s always fun to find ways to customize as many details as possible! At Piguet’s Catering, we can customize your menu, and thanks to our new partnership with the mobile bar company Prime Time Stocktails, your wedding or special event can have its own custom cocktails!

We talked with Stocktails owner Sarah Horton recently about how customizing cocktails works and why it’s a great idea.

How do I customize a cocktail?
“Everyone has their preferred cocktail or their preferred liquor,” she said. “We can build a cocktail around that.”

Sometimes, the bride will have a favorite drink and the groom will have a favorite mixed drink so they have those two cocktails as the featured drink at their wedding. Typically, the brides tend to ask for something fruity and the grooms tend to like more bourbon or whiskey heavy.

Another thing to consider when deciding on any custom drinks you want is the season. In the fall, for example, many want spiced apple cider.

“Warmer weather, I recommend tequila, vodka, light rum, or gin,” Sarah said. “For colder weather, I would recommend a spiced rum, bourbon, or whiskey.”



Why is this a good idea?
At our restaurant, Piguet’s Prime Time, we love having Sarah’s cocktails, including Carolyn’s Sunrise, that she came up with just for us!


Sarah shared several reasons that choosing a custom cocktail is a good idea to try.

“Signature cocktails help present a theme, represent the host or hosts of the event, and make your special event even more memorable,’ she said. “They can also help with the budget because by offering a smaller selection of signature drinks, you have fewer inventory costs.”

Keeping a small number of drink options will also make it easier for your guests as they are trying to make a decision. Guests will also often remember the drink and want it later!

Finally, having a custom drink selection makes your event more fun!