Get the most out of your catering budget

Wedding Party Catering

Get the most out of your catering budget


We work with many brides and other people needing excellent but affordable catering options for their guests. The need to get the most out of your budget is certainly understandable! We love working with clients to find delicious but budget-friendly options to make their special day the most amazing possible. 

Our owner and chef, Carolyn, has some great tips for getting the most out of your catering budget. 

Communicate well 

Ensure that you have and share as much information as possible with the catering company, including the venue and its available amenities, any special dietary requirements, etc. This will help keep the costs down by reducing last-minute changes and also help get an accurate bid. 


catering food to help you get the most out of your catering budgetBuffet vs. Plating 

Brides and special event coordinators love the idea of a plated meal so their guests can be served. Plated meals require more assembly staff plus staff to serve and bus the tables. A buffet meal is still special but is a lower price point. 


Consider appetizers

Offering a happy hour or appetizers may seem like it’s adding to the budget, but you can help pass the time and fill tummies and then provide fewer options in the main meal. That gives guests time to mingle and can be easier on your budget. A few appetizers will cost you less than having a higher number of meat options for your main meal. 


Be mindful of timing 

This may seem obvious, but if you plan your wedding or event at a particular time, it will determine how much and what kinds of food people expect. Another tip regarding timing refers to the tip above. Decide in advance when you’re doing your pictures. If you will be doing them between the wedding and reception, having appetizers for your guests to munch on is a great idea. 


Are you looking for a wedding caterer in Northeast Oklahoma? We’d love to talk with you about your wedding or any other special event you’re hosting. We also have a great working relationship with many venues and this works well in your favor. Give us a call, and we can build a customized catering menu for you!