How to Choose a Catering Company

Table spread Choosing a Catering company

Finding a catering company is a big part of the event-planning process. We wrote about how to find a catering company several years ago but wanted to update that discussion to include the many questions we have been hearing from clients that will help you navigate deciding on which catering service to hire. These are true whether you’re planning a small wedding or a large banquet! 


What services do you provide? 

A growing number of people are wanting a catering service that does more than cook the food off-site and drop it off. When you are vetting different companies, ask what all they offer. For example, at Piguet’s Prime Time Catering, we plan the menu with our clients, cook all the food, set it up, and provide all the dishes and personal service. Whether you want your guests served in a buffet line or individually plated meals, we will manage the entire process for you. 


What safety precautions do you take? 

Whether it’s food handling safety measures that have been in practice for several years or the more recent COVID-related precautions, we are well-trained and adept at making sure all the safety measures are followed. 


Where do you source your food? 

Between the growing desire to “shop local” and wanting to avoid supply chain hiccups, a growing number of our clients are specifically seeking out locally sourced food. Most of our food is grown and made close to our facility, including our own farm! Ask the catering company about their food sourcing and preparation methods to determine if it meets your needs. 


Can you adapt to food sensitivities? 

We are seeing a growing number of requests for a wide range of food sensitivities and special diets. It’s best to assume that at least someone in your event will have these so we recommend developing a relationship with a caterer that is accustomed to meeting these kinds of requirements. Everyone at your event should have a wonderful and flavorful food experience! We have a variety of options for diets including gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, etc. 


What is their cancelation and change policy? 

With so many events being canceled, postponed, or simply changed in the last two years, it’s more important now than ever to make sure you have a firm understanding of the cater’s policies on cancelations, changes, etc. 


We would love to serve you!