Piguet’s Catering makes tailgating easier, better

Tailgating friends

Football season is almost upon us! Whether you’re a huge football fan or you’re just going to socialize and have amazing food, football season is a fantastic time to throw a party.

It’s also the time of year when you might be hosting a fall festival or some other holiday celebration. No matter what the occasion, Piguet’s Catering can make your experience easier and better for everyone.

We offer several options and can customize a plan to suit your needs. Are you meeting a few friends for a pre-game meal and it’s a potluck? We figure that you’ve been working all week and shouldn’t have to cook up a dish to feed a crowd. Why not call us and let us handle it? Whether you’re bringing the pulled pork for sandwiches or an amazing side dish, we can prepare your food and all you have to do is pick it up. We also can offer items that we prepare and you cook or bake at home then take it to the game.

Essentially, we can do as little or as much as you want. Is your company hosting a tailgating or harvest event? We would love to cater the entire event for you, including providing tents, tables, chairs, and all the other fixings. We can customize the menu to offer easy tailgating food for a variety of dietary needs.

As COVID restrictions ease, we can help your family, friends, or coworkers get back into the proverbial game while they enjoy the game with a delightful menu and atmosphere. We also know that many are still concerned about exposure so if you wish to have more precautions for your event, we are happy to oblige.

Are you still scratching your head on what to have for your tailgating menu? We usually recommend food that can be eaten without too much mess and in a leisurely atmosphere. What does that look like? We usually recommend a variety of dips (both savory and sweet!), smoked meats, cut veggies and fruit, and other handheld foods. You will want food options that are easy to make, easy to eat, and easy to clean up.

Are you wanting to feed a crowd during the upcoming football and harvest season? Give us a call, and we’d love to make that happen! Also we encourage you to fill out our online form so we can get the details upfront.