A festive tablescape can make all the difference this holiday season

Holiday Tablescape

We’re all having smaller, more toned-down holiday gatherings this year but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as special! 

We asked Carolyn Piguet, to share her wisdom on this topic.

Whether you’re having a small gathering of friends, an office party, or a family dinner, it is a celebration so I encourage you to treat it like one! This year more than many, we all need to look at opportunities not to be missed to celebrate even the little moments and find joy in the simple moments. 

It doesn’t even have to be table or food-related decorations on your table. At my own home, I had Christmas lights put up on my roof. This may not seem like much, but it has been 20 plus years since I have done that. But this year, it feels like a necessity. So even if there are only a couple of weeks left until Christmas, I hope you start celebrating now! 

I want to focus a little bit on meals you might be celebrating in your home with a few close friends or family members. Your meal is set in the framework of your table and presentation. I like to use celebratory items that have a past! For example, maybe a dish from a neighbor or a gravy boat from grandma. Each item can have its own story of who it came from and why it’s special. All these things lose their meaning just sitting in your china cabinet.  

I have been blessed to have a set of Lenox Christmas dishes and several pieces that go with it.  My family and friends spent several years accumulating these precious pieces for me and I want to enjoy them. I set up my table on December 1 to get more time with them before Christmas. As you can see in the picture, I added seasonal linens as well as a floral arrangement that is high enough to still be able to enjoy conversation with those at the table.  

I think it gets back to special items that you have a past with. Nothing can bring the memory of someone special back sooner than to have a piece that was dear to them. I have made it a special effort to share with my grandchildren what each piece means to me and to who it is connected. It also gives me a chance to teach some informal dinner table etiquette. We learned a lot about silverware placement during Thanksgiving! 

This year, take the time to specialize your table and settings as much as you do your meal. The meal goes from just an enjoyable culinary experience into a walk down memory lane or a chance to tell what about the tablescape makes you happy.

With all this talk about making your table special, I also know it’s been a stressful time for everyone. Let our Piguet’s Catering team take care of that part for you. We can customize a special menu just for you and your guests so you aren’t spending all your time in your kitchen. Holidays, especially during difficult times, should be about the people you are with and remembering loved ones, not doing extra work in the kitchen. 

Carolyn is also available as a personal chef if you would like to save yourself tons of time and energy. She can come up with a suitable meal plan and prepare you some amazing food. Give her a call to discuss your options.

Happy Holidays!