Piguet’s Prime Time Partnering with Vinita FFA catering team and FFA members

Carolyn J. Piguet

Carolyn J. Piguet started the culinary projects in Vinita Public School in 2006, as a project to use at the Attucks Alternative Program, in which she was the principal. “Students are looking for success of a good job and everyone loves to work with food, so it made a great match,” states Mrs. Piguet. Monies were secured from the Healthy Nations Grant supported by the Cherokee Nation and catering equipment was purchased. Several projects were done in the community for launch and awareness. The group participated in fabricating, transporting, setting up and serving various catering events.

In 2009 the Attucks program was closed and Alternative Education was moved to the Vinita High School site. At that time the catering project was transferred to the Vinita FFA program due to Mrs. Piguet becoming the Agricultural Education instructor and FFA advisor. It was a match made in heaven. Students produced the food and therefore created the “Farm to Fork” concept as well as gave them a revenue source. As the FFA members participated in more and more events it became apparent that they were a proficient group that could cater to all occasions. This was proven by maxing out their dates at weddings, conferences, celebrations, business meetings as well as family gatherings. Vinita FFA has catered in all parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas.

In February 2019, Mrs. Piguet developed an LLC for a restaurant endeavor she wanted to pursue. She felt this would link the catering project with an established food business entity. The Food and Food Products division of the FFA is a huge area and more and more students are becoming involved with it all the time. The birth of Piguet’s Prime Time, Farm to Fork restaurant gave rise to a continuation of Vinita FFA food projects while providing opportunities out of the school setting. Piguet also felt the restaurant would be a great draw to the Vinita community providing growth and revenue.

Steak by Piguet's Prime Time and the Vinita FFA